Humans have been shaping the landscape for centuries and have proven their capability to change climate both locally and globally. Responsible land management is crucial for sustainable food produciton and water retention.

In 2015 SymbioLogic prepared a project for the NGO Tranquillite focused on recultivation of landscape near Valeč Village in Czech Republic. Support from the EU was secured through The State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic as a part of the policy of investments in environmental improvements. During several workshops, we planted 564 fruit trees grafted with old Czech fruit varieties, because the orchard is intended to serve as a gene bank of old fruit varieties which are well adapted to harsh upland conditions.

The director Barbora Chalupová has created for Czech Television a documentary about our project
The documentary - This is my Orchard
The project still continues and together with the trees our comunity is slowly growing stronger and in several year we will be harvesting the fruits of our work.