Human civilization is facing urgent social, environmantal and technological challenges. SymbioLogic has comitted to address them with solutions inspired by nature. We seek for symbiotic relationships and win-win scenarios, which can be tested and repeated on various scales worldwide.

The consulting agency SymbioLogic was officially established in 2017, but it's first activities started in 2014 already, when its founder Jan StehlĂ­k managed a project for NGO Tranquillite focused on recultivation of landscape around Valec village in Czech Republic. The project has obtained support from the EU through The State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic and as a result 564 fruit trees were planted to create a gene bank of traditional fruit strains. Since then, the idea of creating a living organization focused on promoting ideas of sustainble development and circular economy keeps evolving.

Our beloved customers:

The picture by M.C.Escher symbolically expresses the entanglement of nature and human society. The best way of designing technology compatible with neture is to learn from it and apply similar patterns to business models and technical solutions.

Double Planetoid (1949) wood engraving by M.C.Escher.
Double Planetoid (1949) wood engraving by M.C.Escher.